About Us

Red White and Food is a coalition of Tennessee’s retail food stores and their customers which has worked for more than ten years to modernize the state’s alcohol laws as they pertain to who may sell wine.  Beginning in 2007, the group amassed more than 30,000 supporters who made it clear to Tennessee’s lawmakers that they wanted to buy wine where they buy their food.

Thanks to their efforts, in 2014 the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation allowing for the sale of wine in retail food stores.  The law went into effect on July 1, 2016 with enthusiastic support from the state’s wine lovers.

While the 2014 law marked a sea-change in Tennessee’s arcane alcohol laws, the state’s consumers demand even more freedom and convenience than is currently allowed by statute.  Red White and Food continues to advocate for reasonable modifications in the law to address the wine-buying public’s concerns.